Interior trends can come and go and when designing your bathroom it is important to consider your design features from the outset of your process. Choosing pieces that pack a punch for the current times and trends but will also age well and can function with your lifestyle, are key essentials to think about for a space that is harder to change than other areas in your home. 

Big tiles, small tiles, pattern tiles. The options are endless! Before getting too overwhelmed, start off with considering the area you have, the lighting of the space and the layout of your bathroom. This can dictate the size of your tiles, where certain tiles may feature and also the colour, texture and finish of your tile selection. Current looks that are popular are mixing tile patterns and sizes, along with the marble look continuing to have a strong hold as the pattern of choice. 
Statement tapware can instantly bring a touch of luxe into your bathroom. Currently circulating around the design world is black, brass/gold and rose gold tapware or even a mix of all of the above. Selecting pieces with a bit of personalty, that are also functional for your home and family will give your bathroom space the x-factor it needs. 

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Round mirrors are making a big appearance in bathrooms this year as they instantly create a statement, especially when it's paired with a rectangular vanity and sink. For an extra feature have it raised off the wall and consider using LED lighting from behind. Another option is using full length mirrors from your vanity to your ceiling as this will help to bounce around light and create an illusion of space. 

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This can come in a variety of ways from your tiles, to your vanity to using black joinery. Inserting a small strip of a playful, creative tile pattern can create an instant feature in a very cost effective way. Or why not embrace the current bathroom trend of using black joinery with your glass work in your shower or wet room?
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