Editors Note: This is a guest post written by Sean Wu from Metrotile and Ross Roof Group. 

When you are building your new home or doing a renovation with a new roof, you will be facing the decision of choosing the right colour for your roof. We understand choosing any colour you like is pretty much a personal choice. However, Metrotile provide a comprehensive range of colours for each profile to suit any design from heritage to contemporary, from country to coastal.

Each profile is inspired and adapted by the region and culture then architecturally designed and engineered with a full range of colour choice. For example, the Roman profile, it recreates the authentic look of traditional natural clay roofing used throughout the Mediterranean. Its distinctive shape and pronounced profile makes the Metrotile Roman unique among stone-coated steel tiles.

Choosing Right Roofing Colour Metrotile Roman Profile TuscanyWe recommend you consider the following points to help you choose the right colour for your roof:

Roof Profiles
What type of roof for your house? Gable roof, hipped roof or Dutch gable roof? The angle and shape of your roof could limit your roofing material choices. Make sure the roof you’ve chosen will perform at the pitch of your roof. The slope / pitch of the roof and strength of the framing could limit your choices. Ask your architect or designer what roofing profile is suitable for this design.

Match Your Design and Environment
How does the roof colour work with the overall house colour scheme? It is important to make your roof colour works with your wall cladding and the landscape. Also consider the finish of your roof. Would a stone-coated texture or satin finish be more suitable for the style of your home?
Metrotile Choosing Right Roofing Colours Environment Matching

Choosing Right Roofing Colour Metrotile Shake Profile IronstoneCheck with Local Council
If you choose a contrast colour it would be safe to check with the local council or subdivision developer. For some areas, the house scheme colour needs to be blended into the local community and environment.

Colour Consultant

If you are not sure or not so confident what roof colour you want to choose, using a professional and experienced colour consultant is an invaluable way to get started. The colour consultation will assist you to achieve a professional colour scheme and avoid costly mistakes.
Metrotile Choosing Right Roofing Colours Green

Sean Wu
All images courtesy of Ross Roof Group




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