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So you like your house and you don't want to move, but you could do with more space. 


It could be because the family is growing, children or parents are moving back home, you've started a home based business, you've always wanted that conservatory - or any of a thousand other reasons why your existing house just isn't big enough.

Have you considered creating an outdoor room?

With New Zealand’s mild climate, indoor-outdoor living is a key part of kiwi life and something that can happen almost all year round with the right addition to your home, and with the inclusion of a heater, fire, fire pit or brazier for those cooler nights. Veranda's and decks can be covered and patios created. There are a million ways you can create extra space for you and your family – and enjoy that all-important indoor-outdoor flow we all love. To get started you will want to talk to an architect and decide how your new outdoor room will tie into your existing house and choose products that will fit in with what you have, that are affordable, durable (for exterior use) and just look great!

Firth has a range of products that are perfect for creating that desirable outdoor space – without breaking the bank. Here are just a few ideas:

Architectural Masonry

So much can be done with blocks. Whether you need the structural strength of Firth’s Architectural Masonry 20 series or a veneer block using Firth’s Architectural Masonry 10 series. These blocks can be stack bonded for a more contemporary look or stretcherbonded for a more traditional look. Blocks can be honed, polished and sealed creating a high-end stylish finish. 

architectural masonry firth

Designer Concrete

Concrete is hard wearing and can be cut into shapes, coloured, polished (or not) – it doesn’t need to be just one tone of grey! Firth Elements range of coloured concrete offers a variety of colours to help you match your existing dwelling. Match the blocks or the paintwork – there is a Firth Elements colour to suit.

concrete outdoor rooms firth


Paving – Designer Series or Classic Collection

Firth’s extensive range of pavers, in both classic and contemporary colours, will give you a multitude of options. Choose pavers from the more traditional Classic Collection through to the new Designer Series - the possibilities are endless …

Designer Series

The Firth Designer Series is an inspiring high-end residential paving range that allows you to achieve a premium finish that is complementary in size and colour, offering more flexibility and creativity. With three sizes of pavers - Forum - 400 x 400 x 50Dmm, Piazza - 400L x 200W x 50Dmm and Holland - 200L x 100W x 50D mm - their inter-changeability allows you to create your own bespoke designs.

firth pavers


Classic Collection

The Firth Classic Collection showcases pavers in both classic and contemporary colours to create living spaces that reflect your unique taste and style. From the large Chancery® 500mm square paver to the cobble look of the Holland® Set paver and choices of colours and sizes loved and trusted by consumers – the possibilities are endless.

Mona Fleming
Images courtesy of Firth




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