Summer is a wonderful time to make the most of our garden spaces, with long warm days what’s better than relaxing and unwinding in nature? Creating an outdoor living space not only gives you somewhere to relax but also adds value to your home and can be an excellent feature that sets your house apart from the rest.

Some things you can include in your outdoor living space:

The Entertainers Space
Build your garden into an entertainment space with plenty of seating, a good heat source build in and an outdoor kitchen space for a classic summer barbeque on a warm weekend.

One of the easy ways to make your outdoor kitchen functional and complete is an integrated kitchen prep area with a copper kitchen sink. This will ensure safe handling of your food and utensils around the cooking area, but also negates the spread of clutter from garden to household kitchen indoors.

One of the best health benefits about a copper kitchen sink it that it is antimicrobial, this means that all unwanted particles floating in the air, on the food and prep area and be safely cleaned away with no build-up of unwanted germs between uses. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) found in a study that copper kills 99.9% of bacteria within 2 hours of contact.

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By The Pool
Having an outdoor shower completes any outdoor pool. Its ease of use, versatility and compact style will ensure that your family can shower away any sun screen and pool chemicals before they retire to your indoor space.

The beauty and versatility ensures that you can get the outdoor shower to suit your family needs and hobby interests, this can include washing beach items such as wet suits and surfboards. You could even make washing the dog an easy task by adding the handheld option, so they’re clean before they get indoors.

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The Outdoor Spa
You could build your garden into a relaxing spa space to chill after a long day at work. Build small private spaces to disconnect from the world around you and enjoy some you time. Natural stone and metals like copper and brass go great in garden settings, blending with the surroundings and standing up to harsh weathering.

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In Summary
In the immortal words of Ella Fitzgerald “Summer time, and the living is easy”. Get your outdoor living space ready in time for summer now. Add an outdoor shower to your pool, or create the ideal outdoor kitchen and host the best BBQ’s.

Things to remember when building your outdoor living space




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