Too often we let our garages go to waste, using them as a dump for items we “might use one day”. However, you need to think about the garage as a purposeful part of the house, just as you would for a lounge or office. Whether you are aiming to clean out your current garage or building new you need figure out how you want to use the space and then make yourself an inventory of what you will have in there and what kind of storage will be required. The great thing about garages is that their open-plan layout allows the space to be multi-functional. So let’s look at some of the possible uses for your garage.

Home Gym
Setting up your garage to be a workout space is a great idea as the structure tends to be well setup already. Most garages have a solid concrete floor which will be able to support heavy equipment and take the impact of heavy weights.

Consider adding a pull-up bar, heavy bag or Olympic rings onto the supports (make sure they can bear the load) and remember to keep the place well-ventilated.

I’d highly recommend covering the concrete floor with garage carpet as it will cushion impacts and be a lot easier on your body when you are doing exercises like planks and sit ups. Alternatively, get some yoga mats.
contemporary home gymWorkshop
Whether you are setting up a workshop for woodworking or automotive work, many of the same concepts apply. Storage is absolutely essential. A good mix of floor and wall-hung cabinets will allow you to store a lot in a relatively small space. You will also need a good solid workbench so make sure to plan out how the bench and cabinetry will work together. Tall floor cabinets are multi-use and can be used to store sports equipment along with hedge-trimmers and the like.

Unlike for many of the other uses, the best flooring for a workshop is the original concrete flooring. Sticking with concrete flooring will make it much easier to sweep up dust and mop up spills.

For tool storage (and easy location) it is very hard to go past pegboards.

Garage Organisation Workshop Pegboard


Many men dream of having a man-cave, few actually have one. However you would be surprised at how easy it is to get your one started. Start with some comfortable seating then add a fridge, a small table, a TV and a stereo system. That’s all you need to get it up and running. From there you can add whatever you want. Depending on what style man-cave you are looking at you could look to add a pool table, dart board, brew kit or whatever else you feel like. When it comes to kitting-out your man-cave it really depends on what suits your lifestyle.

Alternatively, make the place into a games room with a large comfortable chair along with a powerful gaming setup, complete with a good sound system and large TV.

Garage Organisation Man Cave

Storage Shed for the Outdoor Enthusiast

By keeping all of your gear organised and in specific places you can drastically cut down on your packing time, not only giving you more time doing your desired activity but also making it easier to pack up and go on a whim.

By keeping your camping equipment grouped together in large storage boxes all you need to do is grab the whole box and throw it in the car. Look at using racks to hand up things like paddles, skis and bikes or consider using overhead space for these items. Installing a clip-system on the wall is a great way to store fishing rods. Packs, bags and ropes can be hung on hooks and left open to eliminate moisture and mould.

You can make all of this yourself or alternatively Gladiator Garageworks and UltiMate Garage offer easy-to-install options.

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