Editors Note: This is a guest post written by Anna Carlton from Fodera.

Bringing walls to life is easy with 3D panels.
Your 3D Panel choices should mesh well with the design aesthetic of the space, and should fit the space's purpose. 3D Panels can be used to compliment a room's décor, emphasize or de-emphasise a room's architectural elements and/or create optical illusions of added or diminished size. Remember that 3D Panels can be both functional and decorative, and choosing panels should take both of these aspects into account.
3D Panel Cupboard Hidden Wall Fodera3D Panels come in a multitude of different sizes, patterns and finishes with some suppliers offering full customisation options. This makes them perfect for adding interest to cupboard and door fronts, and with such a tactile surface in your house it’s difficult not to want to touch anyway!
Top tip: Ensure the pattern is matched and runs continuously across panel joins and cuts.
3D Panel Feature Wall FoderaFirst impressions count and one area of the house that is often overlooked is the entrance. Floor to ceiling 3D panels work beautifully in these areas. They can be as subtle or as dramatic as the space and finish dictates. There are no rules with regards to finishes - do what you love! For a sculptural aesthetic keep the panels the same colour as the walls, or provoke and stimulate with colour. Either way a statement entrance is guaranteed.
Top tip: Did you know that 3D Panels have acoustic properties helping to reduce noise?
3D Panel Art Feature Wall FoderaArt pieces made from 3D Panels are a great way to personalise a space. Flush mounted to the wall, all that is required is natural light or spot lights to highlight the 3D pattern. Use in stairwells, living rooms, offices and even bed heads, the possibilities are endless.
Top tip: 3D Art Panels are not permanent, shift house and take them with you!

Anna Carlton
All images courtesy of Fodera




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