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The lifestyle requirements we initially held with our home inevitably change over time, often resulting in the need to up size or extend, or to reconfigure an existing footprint.

With this in mind, it makes sense to consider how installing a compact, second kitchen can add flexibility to your home, creating prospects for income, or the accommodation of extended family.
Second Kitchen Compact Elfin
Potential opportunities include:
1. Income Generation: If you’ve extended yourself with a large mortgage in order to upsize to a larger home, it makes sense to seek help in meeting those mortgage payments. Adding a small kitchen into an existing area to create a ‘studio type’ rental accommodation can provide a source of much needed additional income. The space can easily be converted back, once mortgage levels are back at a manageable level.
2. Teenage Retreat: Children’s accommodation needs change over time. There are real benefits to adding a small kitchen into an existing teenage rumpus room. This addition acknowledges and encourages their need for independence, while still retaining them in the family home.
3. Accommodating Aging Parents: Elderly parents eventually begin to struggle with the size and demands of the ‘old family home,’ but aren’t necessarily ready for a retirement home. An easy stop-gap is to convert an existing rumpus space into a ‘studio type’ accommodation. This set-up allows aging parents to be close by and supported, but still retain the independence they value.
4. Older Children Saving for their first home: With house prices on the up, young people are taking significantly longer to save for the deposit on their first home. A common sense solution is to add a small kitchen into an existing area in your home to create a ‘studio-type’ accommodation. This will allow them to live autonomously with you, while saving the necessary deposit money for their own home.
elfin second kitchen1Once you’ve made the decision to add in a second kitchen, ideally you’ll want one that is going to be robust, yet functional and stylish. Elfin kitchens are New Zealand’s smallest, toughest, kitchens. They are precision built in Germany to the highest of European standards, using powder-coated steel topped with a stainless steel bench top and tapware. Delivered as one complete unit, all models include a Liebherr 120 Ltr Fridge/18Ltr Freezer. Some models also include the additional functionality of a Russell Hobbs microwave or Russell Hobbs combi-ovens and hotplates (with safety cut off timer).
For your small space kitchen solution, check out the Elfin Kitchen display at the Auckland Home Ideas Centre.

Editors Note: This is a guest post written by Mark Nicholson from Elfin Kitchens





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