Instant Darkness? It's possible with Screenaway.

Looking for blinds with no more gaps, no clunky mechanisms and no unsightly weighs strings or plastic chains?

Screenaway Blinds are unlike standard roller blinds they have aluminium tracks up the window that house the blind, so there are no gaps on either side nor are there cords or chains to break or get damaged. The entire operating system is contained completely within its own colour matched frame. The frame sits easily and neatly into your existing framework. When not in use he blind is safely tucked away in is cartridge, within the frame giving you beautiful clean lines.

With this design you can achieve a room that is completely blacked out in seconds. Screenaway blinds have fantastic thermal qualities just like double glazing. Complete blackout blinds are fantastic for sleeping or as a privacy blind keeping out the light whether it’s bedrooms, media rooms, internal windows separating rooms in a small apartment or studio. They can also counteract light from skylight or windows that are difficult to reach when you need complete darkness or privacy. Screenaway blinds can be operated manually, or via remote control to counteract light from skylights or windows that are difficult to reach. You can mount them vertically from the top, bottom or horizontally.

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Screenaway insect screens operate in the same way. They are made of a mesh that sits inside an aluminium track around the reveal of the window ensuring no insects get through. 

Key Features: 

Screenaway offer a handy measuring guide so you can easily work out what dimensions you need for your space.

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