Firstly, lets define what we mean by ‘texture’. Texture is generally the sensation we get when touching an object and feeling its surface; but it can also be visually perceived. When you flick through your favourite home décor magazine, you do not need to touch the objects in the spaces to feel the texture they have, or understand the mood that they create.

Texture is just as important as the way you choose to configure your space and the contents you choose to put in it. Without texture, spaces can come off flat and lifeless, no matter how much you cram in. It is important to have a balance of textures to create a harmonious space that is visually appealing.

Now that we understand texture, lets look at a couple of simple ways that we can add this concept into our homes. Lets use the lounge for this process.

600x400 white scheme subtle textureThe first and most simple step to adding texture to the lounge is cushions. Layering cushions in a variety of sizes and textures straight away is adding depth to your space. Try choosing cushions that have a linking connection, on trend at the moment is linens, wool, cottons, that real hand crafted and tactile effect. You could change these out seasonally to bring in a different mood.

For example, in summer you will want to use light linens that feel cool to the touch but still retain texture in their finish. Compared to winter, you may bring in a chunky knit cushion and furs that entice people to sit down and snuggle up. Try to make your selection harmonious so it has a balance of texture and patterns. By choosing a couple of key cushions that have a heavier texture/pattern then others, you will achieve a balance of strong and soft texture.

For the  flooring treatment, let the existing material guide you in your choice of texture. If you have a shiny hard substrate such as polished wood or concrete, you could use something that is plush under foot giving you that strong textural and visual contrast.

If you already have carpet flooring down you may not need a rug at all, but if you do, try to use a rug that has a clear difference, whether that be in pile length, colour, weave or pattern, so it holds its ground amongst an already soft substrate. If your lounge is feeling a bit open and undefined, rugs can be a useful tool to use. They have the ability to ground a space and provide a visual anchor point to base your layout around, but also help define the space in open plan living.

Curtains have the ability to completely transform a room. If you are working within a small space avoid large patterns as the draw the eye inwards. Instead go for something that’s light in pattern, or a fabric that has a subtle texture to them. Hang them high on the wall to give the illusion of height, and as wide as you can to give the impression of a longer window space and you don’t lose valuable natural light and views.

If you have a larger space it’s a completely different ball game. Feel free to go for a bold pattern or a stronger texture, or even layer two fabrics of varying density. Remember to take into consideration what other patterns and textures you have within your space, you are trying to achieve a harmonious balance.

600x400 grounded statement coffee tableCoffee tables are a great way of adding a variety of texture into your lounge. Concrete, wood, marble, glass, metals, mother of pearl, acrylic, wire frame, rattan, fabric ottomans that double as a coffee table, there truly are so many options. If your lounge is starting to feel weighed down with heavy throws and knit cushions, this can be a great opportunity to bring back some of that weightless feeling. Instead of going for a heavy concrete or wood coffee table or side table, you could try a table with a glass top to add in some transparency, or a marble which will reflect natural light and add a stunning natural pattern.

On the opposite hand your summer scheme might be feeling all a bit light and needs something to ground the whole look. This is the perfect place to add a focal anchor point and give the room some weight. A big concrete slab or fabric ottoman could be the ideal piece here.

Storage solutions have come a long way. There is simply no excuse for those great big plastic storage bins to be lying around the home. There are some great solutions out there that are not only functional, but look great too. At Pocketspace, we have been loving the range of baskets available to us online for our residential projects.

Baskets are a great addition to any lounge no matter the style; you can throw those extra cushions in and drape a throw out the top when it is not in use for a little extra styling. Not to mention a great storage solution for all those pesky children’s toys lying around, just waiting to trip someone over. Baskets are a lovely naturally textured object and can bring real character to a room.

600x400 baskets storageIndoor plants have the ability to add dimension to a space in the same way texture and pattern does. Our lounges can often be quite structured in shape, so to have the contract of organic matter can bring an element of softness. You can place them in the corner of a room to diffuse a sharp line, or placed on a coffee table to add some height. They also provide a natural pop of colour, which can be quite cohesive yet still contrasting with the ideas around natural materials and fabrics. You could store your plants in some ceramic pots that have a hand crafted look to add some softness and dimension, or source some plant stands from a local metal works.

Editors Note: This is a guest post written by Lucy Sargent from Pocketspace Interiors. 




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