6 landscaping ideas to improve your outdoor area 

Whether providing a space to entertain, relax, or play games with the kids, outdoor living spaces are important features of Auckland houses. Design them well, and you’ll be able to enjoy the landscape year-round. 

There are endless ways to improve landscape designs - and with results that won’t just enhance visual appeal and functionality. The key is in choosing improvements that will also increase your property’s value. For your inspiration, here are our top landscaping ideas for improving outdoor areas!

Build an outdoor kitchen 

Whether you’re cooking a family meal or hosting a dinner party al fresco, an outdoor kitchen offers a beautiful space to cook, entertain, and create memories.

Outdoor kitchens can be designed to mirror your home’s interior. With this in mind, think of an outdoor kitchen as an extension of your home. Through style and design, there are several opportunities to enhance this connection. Choose wisely, and you’ll establish a seamless indoor-outdoor flow while increasing property value.

What’s more, there are endless ways to plan the functional aspects of an outdoor kitchen to suit your every need. Consider adding counters, a bartending space, built-in seating, or even a pizza oven! The sky's the limit.

Install a patio and pergola

Much like outdoor kitchens, patios work as an extension of your house. Pair them with a pergola, and they can become a real sanctuary.

Traditional decking or porcelain tiles are great flooring options for patios - not only do they look wonderful, but they’re durable too! To improve your patio’s functionality, opt to install a pergola with a covered roof or add a screen to the side. This integrated shelter will create privacy and protection from the rain and sun, allowing the space to be enjoyed year-round. 

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Build a deck

A deck is a beautiful way to expand living space outdoors.

Built using timber planks, the aesthetic of decking naturally complements surrounding nature. But beyond the visual appeal, decks are also durable, affordable, and have several eco-friendly material options. 

When choosing the most suitable decking timber for your home, there's a range of options to consider, including Kwila, Garapa, and Macrocarpa. Each type of timber comes with different colouring and benefits. So as you explore wood types, keep in mind what purpose your deck will serve and customise accordingly. 

A final tip: consider how your deck options will look with your home’s interior. While it’s not the first that comes to mind (seeing as decks are for outdoors), ensuring your deck pairs well with your home’s interior is essential for creating seamless indoor-outdoor flow.

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Add outdoor heating

You don’t have to wait ‘til summer to enjoy your backyard. With outdoor heating, you can create a landscape that’s comfortable year-round. But with a wide range of outdoor heating options available, you need to choose carefully to get optimal functionality. 

If you have the space, consider installing an outdoor fireplace. The warm hug extending from an outdoor fireplace is particularly special when it comes to outdoor heating. As a centrepiece of your backyard, every crackle of the fireplace will extend ambience throughout the open air. 

However, if your backyard is more on the cosy side, an electric heater is a great way to heat a smaller outdoor area. Electric heaters are more compact than most outdoor heaters. But while they’re small in size, they still pack a punch by emitting high-intensity radiant heat. These features make them a versatile option that’s easy to re-position and provides quick heating.

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Plant a low-maintenance garden

Creating a low-maintenance garden is a fantastic solution for visually improving your outdoor living area and increasing property value. Choose the right plants for your climate, and the garden won’t require much time or money to upkeep.

While flower beds look lovely, they are labour-intensive. So opt for a modern, minimalist garden instead. Selecting shrubs and unfussy plants is an effortless way to establish a low maintenance garden. Lomandra and Pittosporum Golfball are particularly great options for New Zealand gardens. 

However, if you want to add colour, there are easy-care flowering plants available, such as lavender or peonies. These plants will add vibrant hues and beautiful fragrance to your landscape.

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Get advice from landscaping specialists

When you enlist the help of a professional, like a Landscaping Specialist from Zones Landscaping, you can rest assured they will determine feasible solutions that improve your outdoor area to the highest standard possible. And what’s more, their strategic planning will help you save time and money too.

With someone else coordinating the required tradespeople, council content, and admin, you can sit back and enjoy the landscaping process stress-free. They also have access to the best landscaping supplies in Auckland!


This article was written by Zones Landscaping. The Refresh & Zones Renovation Centre is launching soon at Home Ideas Auckland. All imagery c/o Zones Landscaping. 





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