A different way to do walls

Introducing Surround by Laminex — a modern range of pre-primed, decorative wall panels that will add dimension and warmth to residential and commercial projects.

Panels are available in a range of profiles to individualise your space, from timeless vertical boards, to contemporary scallops and soft undulating curves.

Simply apply the easy-to-install, pre-primed panels onto prepared plasterboard, timber, steel, brick or masonry wall surfaces and finish with the paint colour of your choice. 

Surround by Laminex panels are also ideal for internal wall applications across a range of Commercial Spaces including Health and Aged Care, Educational, Hospitality, Public and Retail Spaces. 

Large Format Panels of the complete range are available to view now in the Laminex showroom at Home Ideas Auckland. Brochures are also available at Reception. 


Laminex Surround 10479 0.3x Batten 25

Above: Batten 25 provides warmth and texture to a bedroom

Laminex Surround 20Feb12258 0.5x Demi Round 20

Above: Demi Round 20 painted in soft tones adds a gentle depth and personality to this bedroom

Laminex Surround 20Feb12151 0.3x Batten 25

Above: A rich feature wall created with Batten 25 adds contrast and depth to this space with the play of light on the profile. 

Laminex Surround 20Feb12085 EDITED Demi Round 40

Above: An elegant split feature wall in a bedroom created with Demi Round 40 capped with wooden trim.

Laminex Surround 20Feb11761 0.3x Demi Round40 20

Laminex Surround 20Feb11640 0.3x Demi Round 40

Above: Demi Round 40

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