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Renson Fixscreen Technology is a great way to enable outside entertainment in a comfortable environment no matter the conditions. Renson Fixscreens are an external roller blind that is fully motorised. The maximum width of a single fixscreen is 6m, covering up to 22m2. A range of fabric options are available for privacy and air flow, to co-ordinate with your exterior and interior scheme. Fixscreens allow you to control your preferred level of sun, wind or rain by closing off an area outside of the home. This will extend your living space and add value to your home.

Flapping and torn fabrics are now a thing of the past. All fabrics are made from high quality polyester and fibreglass, which makes them very strong and not stretchable like PVC. This helps the fabric retain its structural integrity and longevity. Fixscreens are available with a completely concealed head box and feature a fully integrated zip track on each side. A weighted bar is concealed within the structure. Fixscreens can be coupled together within a moulding and can also include a window ventilation system, which can be integrated into the window system. Fixscreens can be installed on the outside of corner windows, thanks to the Panovista Max system. When installed in front of a window, Resnson Fixscreens are rated to 130km/h making them windproof in virtually any position.

Experience how your life will change once you can spend more time outdoors. With timeless design and infinite options for customisation, Renson products adapt to suit your home. Enjoy life in style.


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