Editors Note: This is a guest post written by Alex Pardington from Automation Associates. 

I came out of an important pitch meeting last week. I was pretty chuffed with myself, gave myself a high five and felt a cool breeze…somewhere that I shouldn’t. We’ll brush over the absolute horror and just say that the wardrobe malfunction sent me on a direct trajectory toward home for a change of breeches. But…where’s my key?

I knew at this point my lack of parkour skills was going to set the scene. The only viable entrance point was via an ungraceful scale of the fence and an inelegant hoisting of the old bod through a window I found that wasn’t locked. I’ll be honest. It wasn’t pretty. But the cat was entertained and the pants got changed.

Now, while some would consider this a success story there are a few lessons to be learned...

Automation Associates 5 Smart Home

Now is a really good time to sort out your security before you go on your summer jaunt.
Remember to:

Our friends at Automation Associates tell us that they’ve recently had alerts from multiple clients in Herne Bay and Remuera regarding intruders caught on their or their neighbours properties. Reports are of unofficial-looking people with clipboards "assessing" properties, break-ins and burglaries. The Ministry of Justice also reports a jump in convictions and sentences for property offences last calendar year.

Automation Associates 15 Smart Home

There are loads of different options to suits different budgets. A couple of client favourites are beams that will tell you if someone is skulking around outside your property day or night and cameras that you can view from your phone while you're home or away. The trick is to make your property unattractive to the bad guys.

Make sure you’re sorted for your summer holiday. For free advice or some security stickers phone 09 377 3778 or email or book a one hour alarm service and battery replacement for just $239. And make sure to visit the Automation Associates display at Home Ideas. 

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