Nothing Compares to Living Wood

LivingWood is an architecturally designed hardwood floor, wall and ceiling system made from premium quality European oak.

Pre-finished in a range of over 40 environmentally friendly handcrafted colour options for efficient installation and no sanding or additional coating required.

Superior structural stability and precision engineering provides a smooth seamless finish and a long lasting surface that gains character with age.

A reputation built on quality

We understand that taking shortcuts always costs more in the long run. We source only quality materials and we’ve invested in developing the best manufacturing and environmentally friendly finishing processes available. Because of this we take pride in offering a hardwood floor, wall and ceiling system that is used by New Zealand’s leading designers and architects.

20 year structural warranty

We provide a 20 year warranty that your LivingWood timber floor or wall will be free from structural defects when installed according to the correct installation instructions and when used under normal residential conditions.

Superior stability

The LivingWood Range offers premium quality European oak timber bonded to a multi-directional, plywood substrate for a smooth seamless finish with no warping or gaps. It’s the opposing layers of the plywood substrate that allow us to create a floorboard with superior stability and dimensional accuracy. The precision engineered tongue and groove construction creates a tight inter-locking flooring system that can be installed over existing concrete, plywood or particle board.

Sustainable design

All our European oak is ethically sourced and purposegrown in sustainably managed forests. By using oak for the surface layer only we can keep all the benefits of a traditional floorboard while cutting down less trees.




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