Modest Beginnings

Our company is relatively small. We have been installing Hydronic Underfloor Heating in Christchurch for about 10 years. In that time we have created extraordinary value with our clients in their homes. We don’t know of a single customer who would not repeat the experience in the next home they might build. Each of us will without exception choose to use this heat in our own homes. Yes. We really believe in it.


Using New Zealand’s Advantages

In New Zealand, we have discovered that we can apply many aspects of Underfloor Heating in ways that are more simple and more advantageous than the ways that are used in Europe and the UK for example. And, that can mean simpler and lower cost “systems” that work as well as, and in some cases better than, their European forebears.


Help Us De-mystify Underfloor Heating

We feel that Underfloor Heating “systems” should follow quite commonly held rules of thumb. And after that, the only real decision is what size of Heat Pump should you use? And, you rarely need a heat engineer for that. Oh, and, bigger is not always better.


A few of those rules include:

·         Insulate your floor slab as the best first step, hey, you’ve made it your biggest battery (we can talk more about that)

·         Do not install more than 100M linear length of pipe in any run

·         We use air-to-water Heat Pumps with stainless steel covers. We can help you choose the best one for your home

·         Do not use a Buffer tank

·         Bury your feeder pipes under the floor slab

·         Use your Solar power from Photo Voltaic panels to more than pay for themselves


It is Simple and Affordable

We use a range of equipment and gear that can come from Europe and China and New Zealand. If you are short of a piece or two, chances are you can find it at your local building supply store. So, don’t worry. Contact your local installer company. Or we can recommend one. And don’t worry. It is all pretty simple. Heck; if you are a little brave, maybe you can do it yourself.

Oh, and at a minimum, you must at least put heating pipes in your floor slab. It’s a no brainer.

For more information visit our display at Home Ideas Christchurch




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