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We are an innovative design space situated in Auckland, Christchurch and Wellington showcasing businesses thriving in the New Zealand Building and Design industry.

Founded in 1987 we have grown into an incredible team with hundreds of exhibitors and design professionals represented.

Put simply, we think creating your home should be one of life's pleasures.  At Home Ideas, we have created a formula so that it becomes just that.

We start with an idea that's clever and honest. We gather together the best in design, in manufacture, in products.  We then work with these professionals to showcase the latest trends, innovative solutions and timeless design options.

We hire people who are passionate and genuine to help guide you.  We strive to deliver a unique space that you can visit again and again finding inspiration at every stage of your project.  Our job is to introduce you to the people who can make it happen.

As one of our regular visitors, Karen, commented:

"Home Ideas showed me services and ideas that I would never have found by myself. The experience was even more rewarding because of the professionalism of the exhibitors who collaborated to support me in building the home of my dreams. I am so grateful and find myself going back again and again"

Working with leading home building and renovation brands we design exhibits that will provide inspiration for your project. Plus, because we are adding new exhibits all the time, you'll be choosing from the latest trends and innovations.

From the letterbox to the kitchen and everything in between, if we haven't got it, just ask, we will point you in the right direction.

You can come to one spot and take your time with product and colour selections. No pressure. Lots of inspiration. Seven days a week and it's free.

Always looking for ways to make your project easier, we offer a series of free workshops and seminars from industry experts to keep you inspired. The excitement for us is in sharing the creative, design-driven community with you.

And that's us.

That's Home Ideas.


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Emma Dajnowski
Centre Manager

Coming from a strong sales and marketing background, Emma’s ability to establish new relationships with people from all walks of life and help them create results and will apply this approach towards the people she deals with, believing regular communication and ‘keeping it real’ underpins what she’s all about.

Her life experiences have given her the ability to understand and manage scenarios that may be stressful for a client, but strives to keep her integrity and motivation for a successful outcome. When not at work, you will find Emma running around after her teenage daughters, enjoying time out with friends and family – experiencing the coolest little capital in the world.


Rebekah Burns
Business Development Manager

Rebekah’s extensive background in retail management, excellent communication skills and the ability to quickly identify her clients’ needs are the catalyst to her commitment to delivering results for our clients of the highest standard.

Rebekah always presents a professional disposition with all dealings from face to face to email and phone. Her honest open approach makes it easy to discuss winning solutions for our exhibitors present and future.

In her spare time you will find Rebekah either working on her project “creating the ultimate retro caravan” or travelling somewhere new creating new experiences.


Murray Burns

Murray is a success story from starting at the Lock Shop building up to the well known business of Beveridge Locksmith, his side passion of flipping houses later becoming part of his career. This introduced him to next level into commercial property, building a portfolio around the Wellington including the Hutt Valley.

Given this background - when the opportunity arose it made sense for Murray to purchase Home Ideas.

In his spare time, you will find Murray overseas travelling with Sandra his wife, hanging out with his family or enjoying a swim in the pool.