Over the last two years, there’s been a real change in the way Kiwis work and play. Many of us have embraced flexible working, and are spending more time on our computers at home. Many more of us are enjoying exercise at home too, with the rise of Zoom yoga classes and online workouts.


All of this means that space is at a premium. 


We’re doing more than ever within our homes, and our rooms are having to up their game and become multi-taskers! However, many of our homes aren’t well set up for this, and we end up struggling to use cramped, cluttered spaces for various different purposes.

It’s not good for your productivity being squeezed into a little corner with your laptop, or struggling to find the space to lay out your yoga mat. If you’re using a bedroom or spare room as an office, chances are a lot of the room is taken up by a bed. Or maybe you’re stuck working in the living room or kitchen because there’s no other room in the house that works as a study – not great for concentration with all the interruptions from family members or flatmates.


The great news is that it doesn’t have to be this way. 


Did you know that it’s possible to enjoy a spacious living or working space and a quality bed when you need it, all in one small room? The Majestic Hiddenbed is a unique fold-away bed and desk system, which can transform a room in seconds. You can work on the sturdy, spacious wooden desk, and when you’ve finished working and want to use the bed, you can unlock the balancing mechanism and have a sleep-ready bed in seconds. 

What’s more, you don’t even need to clear your desk to fold the bed out – computers, monitors, and even your glass of water will just sit neatly under the bed until you fold it back again. And when you do, you can leave your bedding on the bed for next time rather than fussing with changing sheets.



About the Majestic Hiddenbed

The Majestic Hiddenbed uses a unique patented balancing mechanism that keeps the desk horizontal at all times. It’s incredibly easy to operate – it only takes a few seconds to unlock the balancing mechanism and choose the configuration you want: bed or desk. 

Because there’s sufficient clearance under the bed, everything on your desk can remain securely in place. Just leave your computer, monitor, and keyboard where they are; there’s no need to unplug them.

The Hiddenbed balancing mechanism is very rugged, and has been designed to last for 10,000 cycles. This means that, if you use your Hiddenbed every day, you’ll get more than two generations’ worth of use. That’s probably more than you'll get from any other piece of furniture you own.

And you don’t have to worry about any tricky DIY installation either. When you buy a Hiddenbed, the price includes on-site assembly by a Hiddenbed professional, making the whole process totally convenient and simple. Now and then you may be asked to lend a hand, but other than that you can sit back and enjoy watching your Hiddenbed take shape!


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Why choose the Majestic Hiddenbed?


Essentially, because the Majestic Hiddenbed doubles your space. You’re not just buying a quality bed and desk – you’re buying space and flexibility.

The Majestic is a vertically opening Hiddenbed that comes in either double or queen size. Compared to the horizontally opening models, it takes up less wall space and can be easily accessed from both sides. 

On top of the innovative vertical closure mechanism, it also differs from a conventional fold-out bed in terms of the high quality of the bed itself. Made from solid materials that are built to last.

For what it offers, the Majestic Hiddenbed is really affordable, because you’re essentially buying several pieces of furniture: a substantial desk, a comfortable bed, cabinetry, shelves and drawers. You can even incorporate custom cabinetry to take your space to the next level – contact Hiddenbed to find out about the options. 


A unique solution to a common problem


There are no genuine alternatives to Hiddenbed. Conventional solutions like fold-out beds and futons take up valuable room space, which is basically wasted when they’re not in use. Plus, when you do want to use them you have to clear floor space, set up the bed and put the bedding in place each time.

With the Majestic Hiddenbed, you get to use the entire room space all the time. Plus, you don't have to clear anything away or waste time putting bedding on the bed – the desk and the bed are ready to use in seconds. 

Once your Majestic Hiddenbed is installed, there’ll be no need to fill valuable room space with a permanent bed, fold-out bed or sofa bed ever again.


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Buy Kiwi-owned and Kiwi-made

If supporting New Zealand businesses is important to you, you’ll be pleased to know that Hiddenbed is fully owned and operated right here in Aotearoa. 

While the original Hiddenbed was developed in Uruguay by mechanical engineer Juan Carlos Menestier, Kiwi businessman Peter Algie became aware of the novel concept back in 2009, and figured that it would be a great product for Kiwis too. Peter's background and his successful joinery business put him in good stead to secure the Hiddenbed license for New Zealand and Australia. 

The Hiddenbeds available in New Zealand have been developed to suit Kiwi preferences and requirements, using local materials as far as possible. Each Hiddenbed is custom made to order at the factory in Greytown, and shipped throughout New Zealand. 


Want to know more?


Head to for more information. You can also call Hiddenbed toll free on 0800 40 40 90, or email




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