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Kia ora from the the family team  at Kiwiblinds and Shutters, in our ‘Home Ideas Centre’ information and support bubble.

Admidst the C19 lockdown, we are keeping our sleeves up, helping out customers online or over the phone with queries, price guides, ideas and recommendations for their projects and plans. 

We know at present, it is challenging  for businesses and households alike, but we are all on the right track and the right lockdown behaviours also means a best possible timeline towards the next stage.      

So here at Kiwiblinds and Shutters, our focus is to continue on as usual (outside the site visits and installations) which are well planned ahead now for many of our valued customers. 

Thanks to the fantastic and dedicated team at the Home Ideas Centre, we are deighted to use this platform to provide a few tips and bits until the doors open again soon.

No boring/irrelevant technical stuff. No fake sales and promises. With Kiwiblinds, it is all straight up and real, right from day one when we opened for business, near on 10 years ago. 

Just simple helpful insights, should you be considering window dressings at some future point, no matter how big or small the job. It is never too early to engage and plan.


Buy Kiwi-made and support all Kiwi Industries  


There is never a better time moving forward, to keep it local and support kiwi industries and workers. With Kiwiblinds, not only are you getting premium, local – NZ produced blinds or shutters, you are supporting many Kiwi manufacturing workers who craft all our customer product.  Many kiwi based blind suppliers source off shore product with longer, uncertain lead times. This comes with increasing price pressure on international shipping costs as well. Let’s proudly keep it Kiwi made. We also say this on behalf of many other home improvement  suppliers, who show case kiwi made product from the Home Ideas Centre here in Petone.


Our Product and Services

HIC site

There is no blind or shutter product we cannot accommodate. You can check out our product display site soon and even arrange to talk to us here here at the Home Idea Centre (Site 61- ground level ) as well as visiting  

In fact, if you are also looking at drapes in a particular area of the house, we can put you onto a very reputable and experienced kiwi owner/operator. Don’t pay full retail.  Let us help you and another fair dinkum Kiwi business.      

Here at Kiwiblinds and Shutters, you can receive free on site consulaltions, which  can re commence, post lockdown. Free installation services are included in most offers. 


Flexible Payment Options                 

kiwiblind payment

This is has never been so important now correct? The following tags say it all. Lets talk. We appreciate it is an important part of the equation, as we all head into recovery and re vamp mode. 

We can present suitable package(s) to suit your specific needs using these supportive credit tools. 

Winter is coming…


This is a time when interior projects do become more of a focus (and a lot warmer than outside tasks! )  Have a look at this piece on ‘R values’ and talk to us / email us about how we can help with a solution that best serves your home environment, preferences and budget.

* The information in this document is a broad view only. Each situation can vary widely as total insulation, architectural aspect, sun position, wind channels all contribute to the individual property’s micro climate.


Meanwhile, grab a quick n cheap ‘Pre made’ perhaps…


Not normally our thing, but over the years, we have built up a surplus supply of pre-made blinds, just sitting in storage. We have been way too busy to get them elsewhere, remembering they are all custom sized from prior orders.

This has come about due to minor freight damage, flaws etc, requiring replacement situations.   All these blinds are in near new condition nonetheless, ala grab a bargain opportunity and help us with our storage space!

So if you have an old garage window or maybe something is needed at the bach or in a sleep out for example, maybe this is a easy and adequate solution for now?  

If it’s too big, it can be placed above the window or if a bit too small, it could still be AOK for now at least…  

So if you aren't fussy on colour and such detail, let us know and we can provide some details on that suitable, quick fix for you!

Make a silly cheap offer or even pledge a donation to one of our charities instead.  Make it a win/win. Questions welcome.

For best value product, pricing and service, with unaffected production lead times (post lock-down), you are well at home here with family owned Kiwiblinds and Shutters. 

Kia Kaha and Take Care.






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