It can be practically impossible to browse through a home décor store without interacting with any of the products. Running your fingers through a luxuriously fluffy rug, taking in the smell of a scented candle, and tracing a pattern on a stylish vase are all part of the home and living store package. You don’t simply observe a ho­­­me and living display. You experience it.

Incorporating different textures in a home is essential. Why? Because any given room in a home should never simply sit idle; it should engage your senses the moment you enter it. Why waste a living space when you can dress it to delight your senses each time you pass though it?

Set the mood

Picture the last time you passed through a furniture store and inspected the different bedroom arrangements on display. Do you remember the reactions each different display inspired within you? Perhaps you felt relaxed and drawn to one room, while another left you repelled. Ever wonder why different rooms achieve such a different impact on your feelings?

The arrangement of texture and colour in home décor has the incredible ability to create and project a specific kind of mood. Like a mood-trigger, certain colours and textures will achieve abstract concepts such as warmth, lightness or openness simply through the clever use of fabrics and materials.

To convey warmth and comfort, you might like to stick to earthy tones and textures. You would favour wooden furnishings and coffee-hued fabrics. You might like to roll out a fuzzy rug, or shade your lamps with light-softening shades. In contrast, a home with a coastal theme might be styled with blue hues and course textures that invoke the idea of foamy waves or beach sand. Sailing boat ropes might accent certain pieces of furniture, and lighter curtains and walls could have your home feeling as free and breezy as a ship’s sails.

When setting the mood in your home, clever use of textures is essential.

textures 4

Adding texture: everything can ‘talk’

Communicating your personal style and theme throughout every element of your home requires a confident understanding of home décor. You’ll need to be aware of what is available to you when it comes to dressing any given space. While many like to let a big, boldly-coloured couch in the lounge or an elaborate duvet cover in the bedroom do all the ‘talking’ for their homes, we’re here to offer a more subtle, sophisticated design alternative. 

Start with the foundations of a room. Before furnishings are considered, we recommend tending to the walls, doors, floors, and fittings. For a bedroom, you’ll be framing your bed with important design elements such as wardrobe doors, window frames, curtains and wall colours. For a bathroom, you’ll be focussed on those all-important fittings; faucets, shower heads, tiles and toilets. Each element will need to work harmoniously, and you can achieve this through clever use of colour and texture.

Shopping for these things singularly can result in some unsatisfactory clashing. You might fall in love with a shiny rose gold coloured showerhead right up until you see it installed and standing out like a sore thumb among your brushed-silver faucets.

With a strong foundation, your furnishings will fit beautifully into your home without having to compensate for a lack of established theme.

You can build upon a well-developed colour and texture theme to create a space that delights your senses. Learn to compliment and contrast your rooms with texture by experiencing as many examples of different décor displays as possible. When you experience home décor displays, you’ll learn about what does and doesn’t inspire you. You’ll learn whether or not you appreciate the feel of fluffy carpet under your feet, or sturdy hard wood floor, for example.

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Seek inspiration and experience it

Whether you are building, renovating or simply decorating, Home Ideas Wellington is an excellent place to start when searching for interior inspiration. Our displays are an all-inclusive package of elements that we join in one harmonious environment of colour, texture and mood.

Rather than labouring from one store to another, you can enjoy the fully inclusive experience on offer at Home Ideas Wellington, wherein you’ll be welcomed by our well-informed team to tour stylish living space displays. Every item you see can be recorded on your own personal wish list. We’ll be able to get you connected with brands who will work with you to make your dream home a reality.

One visit to Home Ideas Wellington will be enough to stimulate the senses and get those creative home ideas flowing. See furnishings, finishes and fabrics in their ‘natural habitat’ so to speak, then simply add them to your ideas list for further investigation. Every element of décor in your room can be seen, felt, chosen and ordered right here at Home Ideas Wellington.

All you need to do is swing by for a visit. It’s that simple!