During this lock down period, now more than ever, you’ll be noticing how you are using the spaces in your home and maybe you’ve got to thinking about how you’d like to make some changes to the layout – or maybe even creating more space by extending.

Well, you can begin the first step in that process from home – and what better time!

Check out our guide to completing the planning and pre-design stage of making changes to your home. All you’ll need is a pen and some paper to get started.

We’ve laid out our guidance in a question and answer format based on the common themes that we see, when talking with clients at the early stages of a project, and we hope you find this useful.

Will the changes I want to make actually require a building consent?

This is a question we often get from people enquiring with us initially – do I actually need consent to do what I want to do?

The answer is generally, yes, most building work requires consent.

An example of where you don’t need a consent would be if you are replacing your kitchen, building a low-level deck.

Alterations, additions, re-piling, plumbing/drainage work, installing a fireplace………..all require a consent.

TIP: You can find more information about what does, and doesn’t require a building consent here.

I have lots of ideas – how do I best prepare these to convey them to a designer?

Before you meet with a designer (which will now be online!), it’s great to have a think about what you’d like to achieve with your changes, and make a list of the following things:

TIP: Put a Pinterest board together for your designer.

Designers love being able to see a visual representation of things that inspire you or just of ideas that you like, whether it be different room layouts, colours, textures, claddings, fittings and fixtures – putting these together will help give us a real sense of the direction you’d like to go in.

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Looking for inspiration?

You can’t go past some of the beautiful project that Moore Design has completed – take a look through our online portfolio to take some inspiration and ideas from!

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What next? How do I progress with my project?

We’d love to talk to you about the planning and pre-designing you have completed and how we can help you progress with your project.

Even during the lock down, we are fortunate to be going through this in a time where technology is our friend. Every Moore Design staff member has now set up an office space in their home and are connected remotely. Rest assured that even though our doors are closed, Moore Design is very much open.

Please do get in touch with us to see how we get the ball rolling for you!