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 Architectural challenges come our way all too often.

Our client had roller blinds that due to the window configuration let too much light in and made the room cold due to the huge gaps.

We measured for Shutters, eventually overcoming the odd framing of the windows.

Our Bullnose framing allowed us to create this custom look that works well in darkening the room.

The insulating properties of the real wood Wanaka shutters completed the client wish list.




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 An Interior Design Company consulted us to provide solutions for this converted home office space.

The unappealing view from the windows presented privacy issues as well as insulation to be considered.

The pelmets typical of late 50.s houses like this, allow less than 80 mm space to install blinds or a modern Curtain heading.

We made brackets that allowed us to use the pelmets for the outside fit Block out blinds and fitted the Sun filter blinds within the narrow window reveals.

The Light filter blinds block the untidy view and allow total daytime privacy without darkening the room.

The natural linen look textured Block out blinds come down at night creating a snug and totally private space.

The eclectic look of these blinds compliments the rest of the home which features thick Woolen carpets, Rimu floorboards, and fittings.

Resene Black Whitewall paint ties it all together.



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We are thinking that many people have been looking around the house whilst in lockdown, this time of year we get a lot of inquiries regarding window furnishings.

Every job has a back story, ranging from just requiring a change to a particular window or a variety of needs requiring solutions.

Our Current brochure has a picture as the background, it also has a story that we found to be so common to many of the Consultations we do.

This Kitchen -Dining space had become largely difficult to use in winter after the client had taken down the curtains.

The area has windows and doors on all 3 sides as well as a high stud resulting in some tall blinds being required.

A double glazing quote of over $20k  left the clients wondering what to do as they did not want to put up curtains again, they wanted the area to be light and airy as well as needing it to be warmer.

Built-in the early 1920s the area had a variety of windows to address.

We opted for a light-colored sunscreen blind fabric, we treated the area as 5 separate surfaces.

The blinds on the left covered a set of doors that were really drafty, the large window at the front radiated extreme coldness in Winter and excessive glare and heat in the Summer.

We optimized the fitting method to provide the best insulation we could.

Sunscreen blinds are surprisingly insulating as well as being easy clean.

The end result and reasonable cost was a Win-win situation for the client along with the calming elegant look that compliments the age of the house.


-Alan Kelly











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