The Ultimate Asbestos Guide for Homeowners.

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If you’re thinking of renovating then it’s vital you read this asbestos guide before you start work. That’s because making a mistake when dealing with asbestos can lead to life threatening illness to both you and your family. It’s a scientific fact that lung cancer and mesothelioma can be attributed to exposure to asbestos.

What parts of your house could contain asbestos?

So you’re thinking of renovating, but you’re not sure whether the area you want to work on contains asbestos. Areas such as ceilings, window frames and walls may all contain asbestos. It’s tempting to adopt the she’ll be right attitude, but with asbestos the risks are far too great for such a carefree approach. In fact, if you disturb an otherwise intact asbestos area you may be unwittingly releasing asbestos fibres into the environment that people can breathe in. The fibres are not visible to the human eye.

Why asbestos testing is vital for homeowners thinking of renovating

If you take one thing away from this article then let it be this, for the sake of your family, if you are in any doubt that you have asbestos get it professionally tested by a reputable certified company backed up by years of experience. At Hazmat, we’ve conducted thousands of asbestos tests over many years, we send the samples we collect to laboratories for conclusive proof so you can have peace of mind that your family is safe. We strongly recommend against removing or managing an area you think contains asbestos by yourself.

How much does it cost for asbestos testing?

Over the years this has continued to be a common question we’ve received from home renovators. So here are the details for the price of Asbestos Testing from Hazmat BOHS Accredited Surveyors for the Wellington & Christchurch regions we serve.
1st Test — $215
2nd Test — $130
3rd Test — $130
URGENT — $80 per test
Our Testing includes callout, travel, sampling, safe encapsulation of sample area, travel/freight to laboratory, laboratory analysis, written IANZ accredited laboratory report and further commentary as required. All Pricing is +GST, Contact us for a quote or booking:
Christchurch: 03 3662262 or Wellington: 045660797
For full details on Hazmat Asbestos Testing click here.

Did you know that it’s illegal for tradespeople to go into a site which has asbestos contamination? The only way they can commence work is for certified asbestos removal contractors to decontaminate the site. And when you’re renovating that’s the last thing you need with delays to your plans.

Renovating linoleum floors that contain asbestos.
Many home renovators want to upgrade their lino floors, but they can often contain asbestos backing. Trying to remove this yourself can be disastrous for the health of your family and for delays in getting your project through on time and within budget.

How should asbestos be removed when home renovating?
This simply should be done by accredited asbestos removal specialists. That’s because it’s illegal for removal companies to deal with any area where asbestos has been potentially released into the environment. HazMat removal teams have years of removal experience across Australia, NZ and the Pacific Islands. Our fully trained team of experts are able to easily handle large scale complex industrial building removals right down to smaller shed removals and soffit repairs.

Click here to find out more about our professional and fast asbestos removal service for the Wellington and Christchurch regions.

What happens if asbestos is discovered from testing

The solution varies if asbestos is found as a result of testing. The area may be what is known as encapsulated, that means they can remain undisturbed if the condition is stable. Sometimes a new false ceiling may be added over the original asbestos one, or perhaps new lino over the previous linoleum.  The other option is for the asbestos to be removed. That’s where an asbestos surveyor is able to provide their professional recommendation. A surveyor may decide it’s best left in the condition it is and checked at regular intervals. This would be a more likely result if the asbestos area was in a place away from people.

Our expert team of BOHS Qualified Asbestos Surveyors (British Occupational Hygiene Society) can prepare the correct comprehensive report and analysis on how to manage and protect your home and your family. Click here to find out more about Hazmat Asbestos Surveyors and getting your home surveyed.

If you have any questions about your home renovations and asbestos, we’d be happy to help answer them.

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