It seems like only yesterday they couldn’t tie a shoe without you. Now, your little one has blossomed into a young adult! The key with teens is to give them a safe, serene space in which they can retreat to, and we can offer that with some good old’ fashion interior design smarts.

Whether you’re renovating an existing children’s room, or you’re building a home with a brand-new teen’s space in mind, read on for a few key design tips that’ll see the project through successfully…


First off, find out what they fancy (or don’t fancy)


Watching your little ones grow out of Pepper Pig and into young adulthood is a challenging change for both parent and child alike. As your young adult grows into their own interests and refines their personal taste, it’s important to keep communication open (where you can) before getting stuck into designing a space as personal and private as their bedroom.


Try to encourage your kids to tag along for a trip to our hub of inspiration at Home Ideas Wellington. Ask them to speak up when they see a certain colour or layout that they like. To your utter bewilderment, you might find that your little girl has grown out of pink, only to develop an obsession with deep marine blue!



“As your young adult grows into their own interests and refines their personal taste, it’s important to keep communication open (where you can) before getting stuck into designing a space as personal and private as their bedroom.”

Interior design is an exciting medium through which to translate your personality and style, and including your kids in the process (where possible) will be beneficial for them now (as residents of your house) and later on in life, when they renovate or build their own homes.


Child-to-teen colour palettes


Believe it or not, this is usually the toughest step for parents to get their heads around when it comes to designing an interior for their teen. Our go-to design tip for teens is to KISS: Keep It Simple, Silly.


Simple...and bright.


A dark room with somber hues isn’t the healthiest space for a young adult, and can often encourage late sleep-ins and a musty smell (due to the lack of sunlight). Our solution would be to opt for large, easily-opened windows and lightly-hued curtains that don’t take up too much floor or wall space. Pick wall colours that aren’t too deep or moody. If you’d like to inject the interior with a little personality, keep the bright or moody colours to one feature wall and leave the other walls clear and bright.


You can incorporate colour and personality in other areas of the room such as the furnishings, wardrobe doors or duvet cover. But it’s generally best to keep the rest of the room light and bright. To see some stylish colour palettes ‘in action’, take a tour through Home Ideas Wellington and get inspired for your interior. We’ve got colour experts you can consult, and we can connect you to Wellington paint providers and painters.


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Mess free? Good storage is key!


If your youth has trouble keeping his or her floors clear of clutter, we recommend you invest in some serious storage. Having lots of spots suited perfectly to specific items (such as sock draws, shoe racks, etc.) and enforcing the ‘a place for everything and everything in its place’ mantra should literally clear things up.


We have some exciting examples of state-of-the-art storage on display here at Home Ideas Wellington. Come take a look for yourself and be sure to interact with the display to see what sort of nooks and crannies you might like for your teen’s personal storage space (and possibly your own). We have a feeling they would love a hidden bed!


Keep obsessions classy 


Rather than allowing your freshly painted or papered walls to be covered in posters, pictures and stickers, aim to provide your teen with a large surface upon which to ‘go nuts’ while keeping the rest of their walls clear of clutter. A pin board or something to that effect will provide a perfect wall protector, while still allowing your teen the space to get creative and represent their notes and interests.


In case of emergency, a pin board is also easily shifted out of your teen’s room to prepare the space to put up last-minute guests. It’s a clever interior design compromise that should keep everyone happy!