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A view connects your home to the changing outside world. It brings sunrises and sunsets, rain and light, grey and blue. It creates perspective and a sense of space. While we can’t always change the world around us, with a little clever planning you can get the most of your views, all while maximising your available space to live better in your home.

The windows and doors and doors in your home play a bigger part in liveability than you might expect. The right window or door choice can connect spaces, provide privacy or even expand your living area.

Here are some top tips our window & door experts recommend for maximising your living space:

Corner Sliders For Uninterrupted Flow
Imagine being able to extend your living area without building larger rooms. Consider contemporary corner sliding doors which, when open, create uninterrupted flow between your interior and exterior living spaces. Your sliding panels may even be able to slide into the wall cavity and disappear completely.

And by adding floor tracks that sit flush with the floor you’ll achieve comfortable transitions between spaces - increasing safety for little feet, and making cleaning a breeze.

Perfect for entertaining, and bringing people together without feeling confined.

HIC blog Creating space thermal glass imageThermal Glass Solutions Allow You To Live Closer To Your Windows and Doors
The Danes use the word hygge (pronounced “hooga”) to describe an environment and atmosphere that is warm, inviting and comfortable. The Germans use gemütlich or gemütlichkeit, for similar cosy and convivial situations. Hard to explain, and equally challenging to pronounce, they sum up the hard-to-describe sensation of comfort and well being that you get when you walk into a room that feels “just right”.

Don’t worry if a new build or major renovation isn’t in your plans this year, you can still create this cosy feeling AND increase your use-able living space by upgrading your existing windows and doors.

Adding double glazing with high-performing energy-efficient glass is a simple, yet effective solution. There’s no need to push your furniture into the room to avoid the cold spot in front of your windows; warmer windows and doors ensure you can use your entire living space.

HIC blog Creating space bilfold doors imageBifolds For Maximum Deck Space
When your outdoor area is limited, consider bifold doors that fold right back against the wall to maximise your available space, rather than traditional bifolds or hinged doors that protrude. Sliding or stacking panels are a good option here too. As an added benefit, sliding panels allow increased ventilation for your home. You can leave them partially open, even when it is wet or windy; particularly useful for reducing condensation during the colder winter months.

Kitchen Servery For Optimum Entertaining Flow
Using sliding or bifold windows in your kitchen area creates a café-like feel, giving an improved indoor/outdoor connection.

External Sliders Make the Most Of Your Internal Floor Space
When internal space is at a premium, a sliding or stacking door that sits on an external track provides maximum usable floor space in your home. The ideal solution for smaller homes.

HIC blog Creating space external sliders imageThe perfect windows and doors will of course depend on your own unique sense of style, the type of lifestyle you live, and what outcomes you want to achieve eg. Opening up views, increasing light, or creating a sense of space and connection that brings everyone together. Once you’ve identified your goals, talking to an experienced window & door manufacturer is a vital next step in making the most out of your home – inside and out.

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